About me


You may have gotten the impression on this website that I enjoy working. That's right! But even when I'm not working, I do fun things. Often with others, but also occasionally on my own. I cherish some good habits such as all evenings with my friends, the annual IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam), the biennial Flamenco Biennale and the Volkskrant on Saturday morning. Furthermore, I can't do without a regular dose of our top dance companies (NDT, Het Nationaal Ballet, the Scapino Ballet), the sensitive (piano) touch of Michiel Borstlap (Check 'Bloem') and I like to be pampered by other people's cooking skills...:-).

Walking it is.... 

I love to walk with my walking friends. I also find it a wonderful holiday activity. Because a little walk still costs a few hours, walking together is honestly just a form of endless talking. Without haste, share the latest news, express your thoughts and get to know each other better. I always have a good feeling about it. That may also have to do with the fact that every walk may end on a nice terrace.

To not sell myself short: once I walked the Nijmegen four-day, 4 days a 40 km per day, respect please!

Dreaming away with books 

If I manage to go offline, I like to grab a book. That is usually a contemporary novel. Some recent top picks - and as far as I'm concerned recommendations - are The Midnight Library (Mark Haig), Love Marriage (Monica Ali), Confession to My Wife (Peter Waterdrinker), Kafka on the Beach (Haruki Murakami), Lemon Ink (Maral Sharifi), Girl, Woman ... Different (Bernadine Evaristo), Listen (Sacha Bronwasser), Hello Beautiful (Ann Napolitano) and The Covenant of Water (Abraham Verghese).

I like to alternate the novel with some contemplative books; lightly philosophical, focused on personal development or work related. Such as The Tired Society (Byung C. Han), Magical Brain, Magical Heart (James Doty), The Slow Professor (Berg & Seeber), The Meaning of Life (Fokke Obbema), Attending (Ronald Epstein), You Will be Fine (Mariel den Engelsman) and of course Being Mortal (Atul Gawanda). If  I was in the position, I would make the last two titles mandatory for all (future) doctors. And do read Invisible Women (Caroline Perez) for anyone who wants to be better informed about the (effects of) inequality between women and men in society.

Inspiration and Meaning

I find inspiration in the study of the Advaita philosophy (non-duality) and the lessons of (the disciples of) Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. I meditate, not always very disciplined, sometimes feel like a real yogi, and occasionally talk to a coach. I also discovered that it helps me to stay 'fresh' when I occasionally (shortly) change my environment. Working in Spain for a few weeks every now and then (literally 'at a distance') does me good! Also a good motivator to learn a little Spanish for that (with the emphasis on a little)..